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Case Study - Multi-national convenience store/gas station operator

Company Overview

Our Client is a Convenience Store retailer operating circa 2300 stores throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltics, and Russia. RGIS has now delivered its SmartSpace® solution suite across a Citrix based environment designed to improve communications with their Head Quarters and satellite offices. This will ultimately improve individual store and company-wide performance by significantly cutting store planning, approvals and implementation costs during product realignment, refits and/or new store builds.


The Client identified a need to implement a Citrix capable macro space planning tool which would replace their current system, accelerate existing internal store planning processes, link to their existing micro space (planogramming) application and allow direct association of planograms to their store layout plans. The solution required the ability to analyse and report on the effectiveness of store layouts in terms of sales, profit and margin performance. Seamless links to Nielsen Spaceman and SAP were essential.

The key objectives of the project were to:

In addition to this the solution needed to support various planning, ordering, scheduling, and workflow requirements of multiple business units and locations including Planning, Merchandising, Purchasing and Store Operations, so that the different business units were unified and working with the “one version of the truth”.


Considering the objectives of the project and each of the business units involved, a fully-integrated, turnkey, and best-of-breed, macro space planning suite was the Client's best option: RGIS' Smartspace® Solution. Smartspace® would ultimately enable quicker and more accurate decisions regarding space utilisation and juxtaposition of categories with an improved service in stores, as well as facilitating the efficient maintenance of accurate records of store level macro space and the actual merchandising of products in stores. They wanted to be able to optimise the use of every inch of merchandise space in stores. In order for them to achieve this objective, they need to be able to quickly analyse performance data and identify opportunities for:

Smartspace® would deliver the criteria for the project's success including:

The Client purchased Smartspace® “Out of the box ”, but with some additional customizations designed to significantly improve their planning process, to provide efficiency gains and as previously described import and export data to and from Smartspace® to SAP. RGIS developed and delivered these customizations at a cost to the Client, but at a reduced rate as the functionality required was seen to be a benefit to the overall generic application, and would therefore be offered to all existing and new Smartspace® clients. The process of development followed:

RGIS' partnership with our Client delivered Smartspace® on time and within budget, due in large part to the team's exclusive focus on the key objectives, and RGIS' constant aim to improve project insight and efficiency.


The Client recognized the project as successful after the following milestones:

The main benefits for the Client revolved around process efficiencies, improving store performance and delivering a fully integrated system between Smartspace®, their chosen 3rd party micro system and their SAP system. These benefits are detailed further below:

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